Prompting action that leads to purpose…

sprinkled with joy along the way


There is power in starting, in taking the first step, then the next.

We overthink and under do, over complicate and underestimate, we quit before we even start.

“Life is once, forever.” - Henri Cartier-Bresson

Start3Things (S3T) is a resource hub to help you start, keep going and cross the finish line. Whether you need a jump start, a pep talk or a cattle prod, S3T will offer ideas, inspiration and insights to get you started or restarted and keep you going by doing three things a day, whether five minutes or an hour.

With effort and time, S3T will curate, create and share research and insights on motivation, mindfulness, mindset, flow, deliberate practice, brain science, positive psychology, creativity, resilience, design thinking, simplicity, gratitude and overall wellness.

Whether it’s starting a business, learning an instrument, writing a book, whatever is on your list, start today. Doing, not just wishing, pondering, delaying or putting it off to the fictional “someday.” DOING, and then doing again and again to build the momentum needed to keep going. Taking yourself in all areas of your life from caterpillar to the butterfly you are called to be. Check out the blog for the latest content.







There are 46,112 steps in a marathon.
I completed my first marathon when I was 39 years old.


How did I do it?

First, I stopped listening to the voices in my head telling me I couldn’t do it. Next, I started training and followed the plan daily to build the capacity to finish. The discipline of daily action isn’t sexy, but it gets the job done.